Norsat’s latest 5G Interference Solutions, consist of a C-band interference suppression LNB and Band Pass
Filter. Norsat’s advanced LNB with internal filtering mitigates 5G signals and is the perfect solution for
broadcasters and C-band operators. For additional filtering, the band pass filter can be used to reject terrestrial

5G Interference Solution
External Filters

  • large separate waveguide filter
  • good suppression of interference
  • impacts NF and gain-to-noise-temperature (G/T)
    LNB with Integrated BPF
  • suppression not quite as good as external filter
  • impacts NF, less impact on gain-to-noise
    temperature (G/T)
    LNB with Switchable BPF
  • useful where LTE is not always present
  • for example, Maritime – no LTE at sea, LTE at shore
  • allows full use of spectrum at sea
  • use both external filters and LNB with integrated