LNBs, LNAs, BUCs & Microwave Components

Norsat offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance satellite equipment and accessories to meet the needs of military, broadcast and corporate customers anywhere in the world.

Low Noise Block (LNBs)
Internal / external reference C, X, Ku & Ka Band /LNB
Single or Multi Band, Simultaneous or Switchable
Custom and bespoke solutions available
3 Years warranty
Dielectric resonator oscillator (DRO) or Phase Lock Loop (PLL)

Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs)
· The Industry’s best L.O. (Local Oscillator) stability
· High performance for any application
· Excellent availability and short lead times
· Ku, Ka, C, X, L & S-Band available, including custom design

Block Up Convertors (BUCs) / Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPAs)
Frequencies ranging from C to Ka
· Power up to 1000W Complete with High Stability Oscillator

Up to 60% less consumption power than rival units
· Applicable to TWT replacement, VSAT, Radar, Airborne use and COTM
· Ranges to suit weight and size (ATOM) or cost (Median / Element)

Block Down Converters (BDCs)
Compatibility with all Norsat LNAs
· Highest quality performance
· Compatibility with large satellite systems and earth station
· Cost effective tool to replace rack mounted BDCs

Microwave Components
1:1 redundancy system for LNB, LNA & BDC Systems
· Band Pass Filters for C, X & L-Band Ku-Band
· OMT with Transmit / Reject filter
· Rotary Joints
· Line Amplifiers, Attenuators

Stabilised Marine Terminals
· High quality & performance
· Ideal for commercial, military or recreation
· 60cm – 3.0m VSAT and TVRO


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